Final Drive: Nitro

Final Drive: Nitro 2.2

Final Drive Nitro is a 3D car race game with concept cars

Final Drive Nitro is a 3D car race game.
You´ll be able to drive high-speed, ultra-performance cars through detailed futuristic tracks.

You´ll have to perform power slides and high-flying jumps, trying to get the 1st place.

You will control the car with the arrow keys by default, but you can change the controls as you like.

You can set the game to play an audio CD while you race, or to play .MP3 files from the folder you choose.

You can choose between driving several concept cars (Honda Civic SI, Beckham Predator, Mobius Bordeaux, Eastwood 4000, Sualka Respekt, Schreken 29, Diagoro SXI), with manual or automatic gearbox.

There are different scenarios to race: Cloud City, Urban Night, Seaside Future, Desert Outpost, Reverse Urban Night, Reverse Seaside Future,Reverse Cloud City, Reverse Desert Outpost. You can set the number of Laps, Opponents, Vehicle Class and Hi Difficulty.

You can choose to place an Instant Race, Practice Race, Career Race and Contest Race. Each one has its own settings.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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